Thursday, April 8, 2010

My bestie.

What can I say, I am blessed to have Susan as my best friend. Actually she is more like my sister, someone whom I can truly count on in any situation. Susan gives me the strength and clarity to see through any dilemma. I guess she would probably say that I give her the strength and "harden up" kind of attitude. Together I think we compliment our friendship really well.

In training I compliment her in the swimming department and she compliments me in the running arena. We are always saying the same kind of things to eachother like " It's all about taking the training nice and easy" or "You don't want to injure yourself". Without her in my life I think I would be lost. We call eachother almost every day to see what the other is up to for the day. As a friend, Susan is awesome. As a training partner - I couldn't ask for anything better.

Susan only ever has the my best interests at heart. It doesn't matter if I say I want to run a 4km or a Half Ironman , Susan is only ever thinking about how she can better enhance my running performance. That is her strength - a naturally gifted runner. I always compare her to a gazelle, those long legs of hers see her taking one long stride to my one and a half shuffles. She is always reading and photocopying training plans to better help me get to my goal. I love her with all my heart. They always say you are lucky if you can find a best friend in your life - I have been blessed with Susan.


  1. arent friends like that awesome!

  2. They sure are. I feel so blessed.

  3. hola!, Muy guapas Las dos.quien amigo Tiene un, tesoro Tiene el pecado.

  4. Hi Barbie, I am Fernando, a runner and triatlete living in Panama (Central America). Nice to find your blog, I will follow it.

    As you say, a good friend is the best ! ! !

    Take good care, and keep me posted


  5. Hey there Fernando. How are you. Nice to have you following my blog. I look forward to your posts :)

    Below is an email my best friend Susan sent me :

    Hello Barbara,

    What a lovely thing to say about me. I do agree with everything you say. You are always

    there for me and especially to listen to all the weird and wonderful things I have to say, not always

    relating to sport. Mostly about my very different family dynamics oh boy.

    We have always complimented each others personalities never trying to hard, its nice just knowing

    that you have some-one that you can relate to really well and also respect that we are a little different, you with

    your black edgy look and me with all the pretties. It works and that's all that matters to me.

    I do wish you all the best for your up and coming goals. I love seeing you get excited and then watching you achieve them.

    which I think I have mentioned before. I'm more than happy to continue running with you were ever I can, I do enjoy it.

    You will always be held in very high regard, you are the best friend anyone could wish for.

    kind regards,

    susan xo


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