Friday, March 5, 2010

The swim god's have spoken.

Breaking news - the swim leg is ON. Oh yeah. After scrolling through the email ever so slowly and reading every word to make sure I understood it correctly, the email read "the lakes have been cleared and the swim leg is going ahead".

I am yet to stop doing a highland jig. Can it be that up above heard my prayers and my pleas? Of course it can. I AM DOING MY SWIM. Now the nerves have stepped it up a notch and not only am I super dooper excited but I am also nauseous. But it is nauseousness caused by happy nerves. I will be fine, this always happens. All will be good. I GET TO SWIM.


  1. Good news, enjoy!
    Thanks for visit my blog :-))

    I understand what you say, when I started exercising I started with the bike and run was hard but now after 1 year I really enjoy running.
    Just give it time.

  2. I am so jealous of you getting to swim in a lke! I still have another 2-3 months of swimming at teh Y doing the nauseating back and forth lengths! Have a great weekend! Cheers

  3. That's great, can't wait to hear about your triathlon! Don't be nervous, just focus on doing everything you have already been doing in training...You will rock it!

  4. Thankyou TANIA, I will definately enjoy myself.This is what I have been training for and I am super excited.
    SKIERZ: Come the time you get to finally swim out in the open you will be like a race horse which has just been let out of it's holding yard. Unstoppable :)
    SCOTT: Isn't it the best. One more sleep and it's on. I will definately try to stay focused on every leg,thankyou very much :)

  5. FANTASTIC NEWS, I know you were hanging on hearing that the swim would be on! Can't wait to year the result.
    Good Luck ... I know you will ROOOOCCCKKKKKKK

  6. Thanks Sharon,I can't wait. I am sooooooo glad you left me a comment. I know you are always thinking of me :) The swim result should be great, the run result should be hysterical after getting off the bike. My legs always feel like jelly.


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