Friday, March 26, 2010

I have seen the light.

I could not find the real photo of my bike so this was the closest I could find. Except mine is grey, red and white and not this specific model. Nevermind I will post a shot when I pick it up.


  1. Nice one....I have Slice 5 Hi-Mode and is working very well!!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!


  2. I like very much this bicycle. When I bought my bike, that was my first option, but in the shop there was a Cannondale Six13, maybe a little bit better. I think you will be surprised by its very good performance (although it is more important the rider than the bike ;-))

  3. No doubt, you have seen the light.
    great choice,

  4. I guess this weekend is time to ride! Cheers! NIce bike!

  5. Xavi: I cant wait to get it.

    Xocas: When I was being fitted on the trainer I could not believe how good the bike felt.

    Tania: Thanks Tania.I look forward with great anticipation to my first ride.

    Skierz: I wish it had been. I won't get it for about 3 months. Have to pay it off, so I'm sure when it comes time to ride it I will be so very excited.


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