Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday to me.

Wow, I am 36 today. So far, doesn't feel much different to yesterday when I was 35. But boy does it feel vastly different to when I turned 35. Hugely different. On my 35th birthday I was 20 kg's heavier, hugely depressed, in chronic pain and was starting to think to myself, if this is what the remainder of my life was going to be like, I wasn't sure if I could stand it. Everything seemed so insurmountable, even getting out of bed. I couldn't even get myself going for my children and husband. What a shame it would have been if all my children knew was a sad and angry mother.

Fast forward 12 months and I am a shadow of my former self physically, but mentally I am a totally different person. Nothing seems to get me down now. Everyday is a blessing. I am thankful for everything even the tough things that are thrown my way. I can do anything I set my mind to all I have to do is believe.


  1. Happy Birthday! I hope it was all you wanted it to be! What an awesome post! Keep up the great work, you are an inspiration to a lot f people!

  2. Happy birthday and great turnaround! Congratulations!! Keep like this or even improving!!!

    Cheers from Hong Kong!

    "XTB" Xavi.

  3. Woo Hoo, Happy Birthday Girlfriend, if you are looking this good at 36 can't wait to see what 37 brings. Enjoy your day.

  4. Skierz: thankyou sooooooo very much. That truly means alot.

    Xavi: Thankyou. I will definately keep on improving. That is my goal :)

    Tracy: WooHoo. This year looks like it will be another good one. I can't wait to see what it will bring. Thankyou for my beautiful card.

  5. Happy birthday! It's nice to read so inspiring thoughts. Keep going!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Keep going, never stop.
    Beautifull words, I hope from now on all your birthdays continue as special as this one.

  7. Xocas: Thankyou very much. I shall keep going.

    Tania: Thanks for that.I too hope that all my birthdays from now on in continue to get better. If I continue to stay focused on setting myself goals then I know it will all be good. :)


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