Thursday, January 14, 2010

This is it.

I can remember making the decision to lose weight as scary yet totally exciting. I knew that this was more than likely going to be difficult, what I didnt realise was HOW difficult. I signed up for a gym and a trainer from the gym and sat down for the inevitable questions "What has prompted you to sign up?, What are your goals?". I knew I had the right answers but were they achieveable?
I started going twice a week, once with the trainer and once by myself and also swam once a week. Only swimming 500m at first - stopping every 50m. When I went to the gym however I felt quite intimidated by all the fit people. It started to not be enjoyable and I was lacking the enthusiasm to continue going. I tried to resolve this by going at a quieter time but I was just not comfortable at all.
My best friend who had seen me go through all my up's and down's suggested seeing her trainer who did bootcamps out in the open air. She felt he would be better suited to me and my needs and that the classes were not about "whose outfit was better" rather helping each person find what was right for them. Even with all of that I still felt intimidated by being around other people and felt I needed the one on one class.
When I met Barry for the first time I remember thinking to myself "This is the man who is going to change my way of thinking, this is the man who is going to help me lose weight and do it carefully". I remember thinking "This is it".

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