Sunday, January 17, 2010

Oh the pain !!!!

Apart from childbirth, I never knew I would experience anything like this - and worst still it was self inflicted. Everything hurt, even things on my body that had no nerve endings hurt. My lungs screamed out for oxygen and possibly even a fire extinguisher because it felt like they were on fire.
I remember having to jump up and down on this little step that Barry brought and having flashbacks of a midwife saying to me "it is very important you keep up with your pelvic floor exercises after childbirth". Now was the time I wish I had listened. So I just had to keep jumping, squeeze tight and wish for the best until it could be held no longer. Not being shy about these things I would let Barry know that there may need to be a "mop and bucket to isle 3" moment and he would graciously let me have pitstops along the way thank goodness - not many but atleast I got a couple :).
Barry, bought some boxing gloves and focus pads to our sessions and I loved it. Not only did it give me a good outlet to release pent up anger and stress but what a great cardio workout. I could hardly speak. Actually, I couldnt. My mouth would be so dry from just trying to breathe I had trouble trying to close it. It was as if someone had emptied a bottle of talcum powder into it.
Being quite a talkative person I do believe Barry knew when I was tired as I would stop talking and just look at him with total disbelief that he was asking me do something like this. All he would do was smile and give me a pat and say "Your doing good, keep it up".
The session would end with me literally on the floor feeling like a beached whale. I was so exhausted physically, however inside my head I was buzzing like a butterfly trying to escape from its cocoon.
My next plan of attack was my dietary intake. Oh boy, I thought I ate a good mix of stuff and drank enough I couldnt have been further from the truth.

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