Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Oh boy.

What had I done. The World Masters Championships sounded like a great idea up in my head and in conversations with my best friend - who had also signed up. But what was I thinking. I had really only been to the pool in the last 18 months about 5 times. Did i really think I would measure up or atleast put up a little challenge to others in my swim heat. These where questions that had no answers yet, but I was going to try damn hard to put up atleast a little bit of a challenge when the time came to compete.

My personal training sessions with Barry continued only this time they were kicked up a notch. Sessions intensified as my stamina and strength improved. But I liked it. I used to finish my sessions feeling totally overwhelmed by how tired I was. It would take me atleast 15-20 minutes to recover after each session and be able to talk without panting. I clearly remember after one session returning home feeling tired only to wake up the next morning being unable to put on my bra because my arms felt as though they belonged to someone else. As the next couple of days passed, that feeling progressed everywhere else, oh well NO PAIN NO GAIN.

I was going to be one lean mean fighting machine.


  1. Barb, you should be proud. You have accomplished so much, getting fit, first and second place in the swim events!

    I like the quotes in the sidebar, especially the Emerson. In your case, "what lies within" is made of pretty strong stuff!

  2. Your comment has just put the biggest smile on my face Vern. Thankyou so much.


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