Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flat chat.

This last week has been so busy - only in a good way but busy nonetheless. There have been so many opportunities thrown my way that I have truly felt blessed. My parents have always said to me "things come into your life for a reason, whether they be good or bad - each and every thing presents you with a chance to learn and grow".

So when I had seen that "TriShave Australia" had liked one of my blog posts a few weeks ago I thought it only fitting and the right thing to do was to leave a message on their FB page thanking them. I never thought in my wildest dreams that the owner of the company would respond back. I mean for them to even find my blog in the first place and take the time to read it was such a surreal moment for me. I was truly honoured and felt privileged to have Larisa reading my blog.

Then a few weeks later we met up at Homebush Aquatic Centre early in the morning. It was to be a meeting I will never forget. Larisa is an absolutely remarkable and inspiring woman. From the moment we met I really feel like we connected - we were never short of a word or exchange of a story or two or three. Before we sat down to have a proper chat we both decided to squeeze in a workout - Larisa went for a run and I went for a swim. Couldn't pass up the opportunity of swimming in a pool where all the legends do their training. And the hope was that they would turn up.

So as I swam I couldn't help but peep my head up every now and then to see if I was sharing the pool with an Olympian. But after a nice easy 3km swim I thought it time to get out and catch up with Larisa for our coffee. It was so easy talking with Larisa - we spoke about everything - children, family, life, sport, Triathlon's, her company, goals, anything was up for discussion. It is so nice to meet someone with such passion for what she does and to share in their outlook on life. Her company is the sponsors the TriShave women's festival Triathlon's - my very first ever Triathlon. So it's quite ironic that I should be meeting her almost a year to the date of my first event and what will be my 3rd TriShave event in 2 weeks from now.

As we were chatting a gentleman passed us by and Larisa said "that's their coach, they must be here". I literally went all googly eyed like a high school girl. The last time I ever saw an Olympic swimmer in action was at the AIS many moons ago and I saw Alexander Popov. Now it's one thing to see them on television, but to actually see them in real life - is just something I find hard to put into words. But I will try.

As I gazed down I became totally breathless - Ian Thorpe and Geoff Huegill were poolside stretching. To be a swimmer and to see these guys in action was mesmerizing. I got choked up and felt privileged to be able to share, even if it was up in the grandstand in some of their training. Talk about flawless swimming - there was absolutely nothing I could even remotely critique them on. Not that I would because for me it was like being in the presence of royalty. For me as a mediocre swimmer, who they are and what they represent is everything you dreamed to be as a child growing up - mind you I am older than they are so was looking up to the "Mean Machine", but it's what they stand for. And now as an adult, seeing their come back is something so totally inspirational. I couldn't be prouder of the two of them for having the guts and drive to do what they are doing.

I had had the best morning - one that is etched in my brain with permanent marker FOREVER. Then yesterday I did another running PB. I am now well on my way to reaching my 21.1km distance. I ran 15.7km in 1hr 30mins and felt absolutely fantastic. I did a Forrest Gump and just kept running. Lucky Mum had said that it was okay to just keep running and see where the hour and a half took me and that she would pick me up. I felt so free, so alive not having to turnaround at a certain point. So I just kept running:
and finished with the best ever time on my Garmin:

The only way I knew to celebrate this wonderful occasion was to make the yummiest ever Pumpkin Scones thanks to a good friend Paul from PTC. His gorgeous little girls came to the pools last Saturday having prepared some yummy scones just for me. I am so lucky. Check them out, and they are easy peesy to make too.
Then in the mail I received the biggest surprise ever from Aimee at I Tri To Be Me. I got a Tri Cling and it is absolutely gorgeous. I have stuck it to my car window and just love it - thankyou.
Things have been really good on the Daily Mile front too. I am part of the Daily Mile team Blog group and my job along with others is to maintain and promote the Daily Mile blog as well as write articles, publish content to the site with the editor, continue the Daily Miler of the Week feature, find interesting ways to promote the blog and find guest bloggers. How cool. Everything I love to do. Can't wait to get started.

I have also been featured on on FB as the Blog of the day. Thankyou Patrick - that means alot. Patrick and I have been friends on this great blogger world since I pretty much started blogging last year in January. Thanks for making me blog of the day - jump on over to his blog - The Road [A Multi-Sport Blog] and see what he is up to.

But with all great things comes a few sad things too. Christchurch, New Zealand has been hit with another massive earthquake. Lives will never be the same in this community. Lives have been lost and many are missing. I am lucky that my brother Luis is safe and that my friend Lisa from Daily Mile whom I met only recently is safe too. My other brother and family live on the North Island and are far from the earthquake zone. You are all in my prayers and continually in my thoughts.

Please keep my Uncle in your thoughts as he is going through a rough crisis with his health. I will be going to see him tomorrow and know he would feel blessed to know that you are all sending him get well vibes.

And if you have any left - just a smidge, send some my way as my sinuses are driving me nuts.

Phew, now that was a post and a half.


  1. Wow - sounds like everything is going great!

  2. Hi Barbie--Glad those you know and care about are ok in Christchurch. So sad!

    How much fun to see the swimming studs and watch them work out! I used to train at the same pool as Michael Phelps and would watch him swim quite often--it's a completely different level to see--complete art!

  3. great job on the runs. Fantastic on the meet ups.

  4. Wow. What a post! Congrats on an amazing run! Also, Aimee sent me the same a cling as well. Cool to think that they're showing up (literally) all over the world!

  5. Well mostly, Wow, Wow, Wow and some more Wow - what amazing things! On another note, I have a friend who lives in New Zealand too - luckily not near the earthquake but you still worry about all those affected. I hope both you and your uncle are feeling better soon.

  6. YOU have been a busy girl!
    Congrats on that run- distance and pace.
    Things seem to be really moving for you- in all areas! Way to go Barbie!

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